Monday, August 1, 2011

New Blog

Hey Everyone!

So oh my gosh its been an eternity since I have blogged but I wanted to let all of you know that I have a new photography blog KELLYLEEPHOTOGRAPHY.BLOGSPOT.COM so you can see Graycen and how he has grown there! He is almost 15 months it is so crazy! We are doing good. We are moving to Moab at the end of August. Jason will be starting school and working. He is going back to school for nursing....finally getting into a steady field....thank goodness. I'm still home with our little hooski! He keeps me busy runnin around begging for cookies! He is so fun and completely amazing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Months.....

I am a bad blogger! it has been yet another month and I don't know where the time goes! Graycen is growing like crazy and is such a lovey baby! He loves to snuggle when he isn't looking around at everything and wanting to be a part of it all. He loves when his daddy comes home and holds him forward facing. You can just see his little eyes wandering everywhere soaking it all in. He continues to be such a good baby (minus the car seat) only gets fussy when he is tired and hungry. We are so excited to be going to Utah for his baby blessing. We really wanted to have as much family in the circle as possible and seeing that my family is lacking in that department we thought Utah would be perfect. The drive however will not be so fun! We love our son and the joy he brings us. He has the funniest little faces and his smile melts my heart. I'm so excited that he is mine forever!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 Months already!?

Oh where or where does the time go? 2 Months already! He is getting sooooo big! Graycen is now over 10 lbs and has chuncky cheeks, a double chin, and fat rolls on his yummy little legs! He is only getting up once at night and sometime not at all! He has been so fun and is actually smiling so much now! It melts my heart every time he looks at me and gives me a big gummy smile! OOOO he is so delicious!

As for me I am a pumping machine! I'm producing a lot of milk and when I say a lot I mean it! Right now I have over 1100 oz frozen in my freezer! I love it! I love that I will be able to stop at 6 months and he will still have breast milk for atleast a year! Oh it just makes me so happy! I only have 1 lb to lose to get back to pre baby weight and that makes me really happy!

Jason is doing so good with work. We have truely been blessed and are so grateful. He has really good clients that are really taking care of him and he is enjoying the work. Jason has been such an amazing dad and no surprise there. He loves Graycen and its so fun to see them together.

Our little family is doing awesome and we have all pretty much adjusted to the new life, however, it still takes me FOREVER to get out of the house with all of the poo explosions, spit ups, feeding and pumping times....and the list goes on. But, we are getting better. I will say that I love being home with Graycen I can't even imagine someone else getting to enjoy and experience all of these little moments with him. I am the luckiest mommy ever!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing our babe!

Well I don't have too much time but I figured it it is 3 weeks past due to update our blog on our babesicle Graycen James! I had a fairly decent delivery. The pain was unbearable for awhile and then the magical drug was given! I pushed for 30 minutes and our gorgeous son was born at 1:19 pm on May 14th. He was 6 lbs 5.5 oz and 19 inches long. These past 3 weeks have gone by so so fast and I see the changes happening in him every day! He already has so much personality and is constantly making us smile with all of his funny facial expressions. He has been such a joyful, perfect baby. He is for sure the light of our lives and we wonder how we ever lived with out him. I love being a mom! What an amazing gift to be able to care for this little person. Jason has been absolutely amazing with him. I always knew he would be an awesome dad!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Induction Set

Well...........I have planned my induction date for the 14th. My doctor has scheduled me to go in on the 13th at 8pm to get cytotec placed on my cervix to help soften it. If it fails to do its job I will be sent! But, if it works the way it is supposed to this time next week I will have a baby in my arms. HOLY COW! The reason for the induction is strictly because of choice. Nothing is wrong, our due date is the 17th but we wanted to have the weekend so it was easier for family to be off work. I'm praying that all will go smoothly because if it doesn't poor Heather, Rob, and Amelia will have to wait over a month to meet their nephew/cousin. And we will have to wait to see our sweet niece. It's strange to say "Thursday" I'm going in it's no longer "two Thursdays" or "Next Thursday" it's just Thursday. Time has really gone by fast fast fast and I'm grateful for that. My body is finally starting to slow down and feel the pain but all in all I still feel great, thanks to my love child!

Yesterday a friend and I went to this biannual consignment sale here in Woodland Park called the Munchkin Market. Ok loved it! I was able to get a changing pad, a baby bijorn, a bundle me, and 27 articles of clothing. I had purchased a few of the bigger items a while ago but that means that I get to take them back and when all was said and done for everything that I got I only spent $17.00. It of coarse was a mad house but they had everything you could ever hope and dream of there. So thank you to Tiffany for being my second opinion on good deals! I had a blast. It was good to move around too!

Monday, April 19, 2010


ONE MORE MONTH!!!! Time has really flown by with this pregnancy and I'm exhausted due to the lack of sleep. Jason keeps telling me no rest for the weary and I'm feeling it now! My doctor said I could be induced on my due date if I make it that far so that is always a plus. Final preparations are being made.....washing his stuff, decorating his room, etc.. but I mostly feel like I dont have the energy to expend to do any of it. Jason is going out of town this Thursday for his best friends wedding in Vegas I'm praying that I won't go into labor while he is gone what a sad thing that would be. My wonderful mom is staying with me while he is away so that will be nice. She will probablly help me get the rest of the things ready to go to. Thank goodness for moms! Here is the latest belly picture 9 months holy cow!

While we were in Utah my very good friend Emily Jacobsen took some wonderful pictures of us that I will cherish forever.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Found a great new blog called Dandy Giveaway. They do weekly and daily giveaways and some of there stuff is really awesome! everyone sh0uld check it out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

8 Months Already.....

Time is really flying by and I think it's because I've been feeling so great. Besides being tired and some small back aches I have ZERO complaints. I love my little man! I really have loved being pregnant. I know by the very end I'll be like everyone else saying "get him out of me" but sometimes I just lay in bed and watch him dance around and it makes it all worth it. I'm so excited to meet him and to squeeze him and kiss his little toes. I just made this quilt for him Jason and I were snuggling under it after it was finished and now it lays in his crib waiting for him. We are just so excited.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh the BUMP!

The little bump has turned into quite a big bump now...... I still have 3 months to go and I can't imagine how it can get bigger. But I have no doubt that it will happen. Here are months 6 and 7.
But the good news is that I still feel great and my only real complaint is being so tired...I guess I'm just getting prepared for the exhaustion that awaits!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Boy or Girl Boy or Girl? That has been our constant question. Last Tuesday the 29th we had our ultrasound to find out. The ultrasound tech knew what we were after so she didnt waste any time finding it. She then uttered those sweet words "it's a boy" Jason was beside himself and couldn't manage to sit still. He was started tearing up and it was the sweetest thing. The tech said there was no doubt that he was a boy she also said that the baby appears to be very healthy, the heart is working properly, he has all 10 digits, and his brain looks normal, needless to say we have a healthy baby coming our way......hopefully it stays that way. Jason said he has never been so happy to see a penis in his life! We are very very happy. Jason now has a a little hunting buddy and couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Ultrasound

So my doctor was thinking I was a little further along then we thought so I had an ultrasound to see how big this baby really was. They ended up moving my due date up to May 17th, which is fine with me I want that baby here safe and sound as soon as possible. The joys of pregnancy have already started to show. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and mega colon. I'm on a medication for the thyroid problem but the colon issue is never ending. I will most likely have to have surgery after the baby is born to have part of it removed. I figure that's why I didnt get morning sickness basically because the Lord knew I would be faced with all these other problems. Needless to say I love being pregnant and we find out what we are having on the 29th of December.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


iWell for those of you who don't know and PS I have decided to skip what I've missed in my updates and just move forward! So here we are with our big news

Jason and I are going to have a little addition to our family!

As of today I am 10 weeks along. Holy cow seems like it takes so long I actually found out when I was 3 weeks so I know, I know its going to be a long pregnancy. However, we are so very excited! I just want to express my gratitude to my wonderful husband who even when I go a little crazy he is so patient with me. I know he will be such a wonderful dad. He is the sweetest, whenever one of us leaves he kisses me and then he kisses my belly tells us both that he loves us and then he is on his way. I just can't even wait. We will find out what we are having begining of January so stay tuned for that. Hopefully I will be better about blogging so we will see.

We are off to Hawaii on Sunday to get away from the cold and embark on the gorgeous sunshine. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Goes On...........

Well we got back to Colorado and the next day Jas was put to work. And when I say work I mean work. The first 2 weeks, don't ask how, but he managed to work 212.5 hours. Needless to sayi rarely see my love muffin! This was the plan though to work work work. In the mean time I manged to get in 2 car accidents. One of which was not my fault and the 2nd was. However, the one that wasn't my fault the other guy involved is lying and saying that it was my fault. It has made my trust in people run a little thin. Still fighting it still going crazy and losing sleep over it.

Not all is bad! Beautiful scenery and wildlife. Lots of snow, unfortunately(this is what caused accident 1) Too bad its pretty! Here are some pictures
these are from the first snow

These next pictures were taken out of our bedroom window. It scared the crap out of me but luckily I was able to grab the camera and sneak up on them. The last one was pretty funny I was right up against the window trying not to move a muscle, my contacts were going dry due to the lack of blinking but this one got curious and stuck his head down to take a peak at me.

Second snow storm.....

This is a car...yeah you can't even see it at all! Ridiculous!
It snowed a foot and a half over 2 days. I couldn't even believe it.

I have been applying for a job for a little while and I started my new job today. I'm working at an Oyster Bar called Oscar's Tejon as a waitress. I'm excited to get out of the house and to contribute to the good of our house hold.

With all bad there is always good. I've learned a lot. Trials and tribulations are always a test to see how we will react. I'm really trying to be more positive and not fret about things that aren't going to ruin your life or kill you. I owe a lot of this change to Jason's mom Laurie. She is such an inspiration to be nice, kind, uplifting, and positive regardless of what happens. Because its true. Life does go on...

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Start of Our Adventure

We left Salt lake on the 29th and stopped to see Jason's mom and sister(and family) It was a nice visit just like it always is! On Monday we headed out for Colorado. Bye Bye Utah!We were able to spend time with my mom and Pete as well as meet his new girlfriend Hillary who appears to be nice enough. I wish we would have been able to spend a little more time with her to get to know her better. While we were in Colorado we talked to my dad about coming back after the wedding and working(as opposed to going to Georgia) Jason would be able to do some remodeling on the 6 Denny's my dad just bought. So it was settled and agreed that we would come back and Jason would be put to work. So Thursday we left Colorado.

It was a long 14 hour drive with nothing to see!

So we decided to entertain ourselves with some shadow puppets (I was trying to be a goose and Jas was a turkey)!
We finally made it to Missouri and it was too dark to get the welcome to Missouri sign, sad day, but we made it none the less. We go there at 1 am and then managed to stay up talking with our good friends Sam and Matt.
The days went by fast. There was wedding this and wedding that. Luckily Jason was saved by Ben Broadbent who was so nice and took him fishing and skeet shooting. I would have really felt bad if Jason were stuck with the girls twiddling his thumbs. It was so good to see Ben and Cammie and I swear sometimes I'm so good about pictures but other times I really suck! So next time we will have to get more photos! It was good to see all of my friend and for them to meet Jason at the wedding. This was the first time he has been back since before we got married. Here are some pics from the wedding. (And a special thanks to Jason's sister Danielle for making my dress for me!)

I was so glad we stayed an extra day to spend time with Valerie and go to dinner with her and Ashley. I am so blessed to have great friends.

And at the end of our trip I took this picture of the Missouri River. I miss the scenery in Missouri!